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What Makes Us Different

With programs established to help you grow your network, gain potential clients and customers, and give back to the community, Orbus is unlike other casual and franchised networking groups.

As an Orbus member, you benefit by being affiliated with a business known for giving back to the community and being socially responsible. Aspects which are becoming more and more important with the all client and customer bases.

AS a member

As a member, you are entitled to place the Orbus logo proudly and include the Orbus "giving back" tag line on all of your promotions, social media, and websites.

When members of our Orbus community share the logo, it benefits everyone. A great joint marketing strategy and advantage that casual business networks can't do, and that franchised networks don't do.

Fellow members will provide you a discount on their products and services of at least 5%. A benefit that only Orbus members receive, which alone could cover an annual membership fee.

Members are also entitled to seek out new clients from the not-for-profit groups registered with Orbus. This is the Community Rebate Program that provides rebates to organizations when they do business with members of local not-for-profits. More information about this program can be found on our Community page.

As well, members receive the benefit of participating in various additional functions and events that Orbus organizes in addition to monthly Chapter meetings. We at Orbus are always looking to find more networking opportunities for our members.

By being an Orbus member, you benefit from the organizational support for the Orbus Networks generally, and in the administration of the above programs. This cost can only be covered by, and is supported by, the annual membership fee.